A primary focus of Golston Real Estate is to enable its agents to provide the most enjoyable buying or selling experience for their clients as possible. What the client sees and experiences is in large part the result of integrated systems and technologies that GRE has implemented as part of its state-of-the-art technology platform.

GRE has committed to be on the forefront of real estate technology and made a significant investment to enable and equip its agents with sophisticated tools that include the following:

Integrated Web & CRM Portal – Our agents are not only proud to refer clients and prospects to our beautiful website, but they are also able to access a fully integrated CRM tool through a secure Agent Login and offer a robust real estate search tool and various calculators. Agents can enter transaction information and have access to:

  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Lead Integrations
  • Contacts and Transactions
  • Lead Routing and Automation
  • Reporting
  • Marketing
  • Concierge Support

Digital Transaction Management – All GRE agents are equipped with DocuSign Transaction Rooms, a digital transaction management platform that allows them to prepare, send, sign and manage all of their real estate documents digitally through a secure, cloud-based platform ( This platform enables agents to keep all their real estate transactions 100% digital if they choose. As part of GRE’s commitment to equip its agents with the latest technology, a certified DocuSign trainer is on staff full-time and provides training and ongoing support for the entire GRE team.

Mobility Platform – The “office” has long since gone mobile and GRE agents are equipped with ability to access all of the agent tools via their smart phones and/or tablets. To be productive, efficient and accessible, GRE agents can’t afford to be “shackled” to their offices, but rather nimble, mobile and able to respond to the high demand of servicing GRE clients in a dynamic marketplace.

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