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Search Tip: Beware of Real Estate Search Tools

With the explosion in technology, the development of mobile computing and the multitude of Apps being developed, we all have become increasingly dependent on our smart phones, tablets and computers for everyday tasks, communications and information. This is especially true when it comes to searching for property on any of the available real estate search tools.

However, with the convenience and access to all of this information, there is also a downside to using some of these applications and websites. Typically, many of these sites act as “list syndicators” and have virtually no infrastructures in place to screen potential listers. Subsequently, this leads to a very high percentage of scams and fraud. For the unaware user, these sites not only have the potential to cost you dearly, they can also be a waste of time. The data is generated by feeds that come from listing services and many times is outdated and inaccurate by the time you view it.

Lastly, when you inquire about any property through some of these search tools and give them your contact information, this information is then provided to a database of “listers” who will end up hounding you to be your agent. The last thing you will want is an inbox loaded with spam and your phone ringing constantly with agents wanting your business.

For a secure, accurate way to find properties for sale, we recommend either contacting one of our professional Golston Real Estate agents or using the GRE search tool to help you find your next property and avoid the “traps” set by many of these real estate search tools.

Search Tip: Use the GRE Search Tool to Find Your Next Property

Golston Real Estate’s search tool offers a robust, accurate and secure way to find your next property without the worry of being added to someone’s “lead list” and becoming a target for spam and unwanted email. Using a state-of-the-art platform, this tool pulls its data directly from MLS and offers you the most current and accurate data available.  This intuitive and information-packed home search tool will make your search easier and more enjoyable through the following features:

  • Allows you to communicate about properties with spouses, friends and your real estate agent directly in one central location and eliminate lengthy calls and emails.
  • Offers more search results through a list of alternative property types or price ranges at the top of any results page.
  • Empowers you to rate properties to enhance personalized listing suggestions.
  • Provides you with automated listing alerts when new properties match your predefined search criteria.
  • Allows you to easily define search areas, filter by a variety of options and save all searches.
  • Offers a variety of view style options, including map, list and gallery.
  • Encourages you to share listings via social networks and email with those who matter the most to you.

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