Signature Features

Golston Real Estate has committed to walk a different path as a broker that serves both its agents and clients alike. We strive to be unique by employing the following 4 signature features:

  1. Provide Concierge Service – Have you ever known the feeling of receiving concierge service from a 5-star hotel? This is the way we want our clients and agents alike to feel. It’s going the extra mile to ensure that their needs are consistently exceeded. At GRE, Concierge Service is not just an action, but also an attitude!
  2. Leverage Technology – Our commitment to technology is to provide cutting-edge tools to our agents that will enable them to better serve their clients. From providing a sophisticated web portal that is integrated with a custom CRM tool to offering our constituents a fully mobile digital transaction management platform, GRE is “riding the wave” of the digital revolution.
  3. Offer Flexibility and Convenience – For our agents, we offer a flexible and supportive environment that is neither demanding nor restrictive. Our principal broker is passionate about preserving a culture of serving and putting the agent first. In the same manner, our agents strive to serve their clients and offer them the same flexibility and convenience that leaves the client feeling special and fully accommodated.
  4. Earn Trust and Respect – We believe that genuine trust and respect are not just received, but earned and built through relationship. Our sincere desire is that in the process of assisting you in your real estate transaction, we will ultimately establish a long-term relationship with you that will extend way beyond the closing table.

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