The laundry room holds a reputation for being dull and dreary. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you have the space and are thinking of remodeling, read our few ideas below to make your laundry room a more efficient, comfortable and exciting place to be:


  1. Make it an Escape- Laundry can feel like less of a chore if you make the room more appealing and efficient. Paint the room a nice vibrant color and add plenty of storage. Install stylish flooring, but also be sure it is as slip resistant as possible. Decorate the room with aromas from fresh flowers or incense’.
  2. Elegant Display- Store your laundry items in nice bins or drawers. Or you can display items such as your detergent and fabric softener in other decorative containers.
  3. Luxury Display- Glass cabinetry and containers add a luxe feel to a room and makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.
  4. Light it Up- Good lighting is a must in every room. Recessed lighting is the simple and classic way to go, or you can get fancy and install a fabulous chandelier…why not!
  5. Add an Island- Islands aren’t just for kitchens. Adding an island to your laundry room is a great addition. Having an island allows you to have an area to fold, iron and temporarily store your freshly washed clothes, rather than using the top of your washer and dryer or the floor.


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