If you’re thinking of remodeling your home, determine each room’s best practical features, and in what ways will bring out the best in it. Also, keep in mind how long you plan to keep your home, and what might appeal to future buyers. Here are some of best areas and ideas to makeover in your home.

Painting and re-painting are huge game changers in remodeling. Keep in mind that light colors will make rooms look larger and more vibrant, and dark colors smaller & cozier. If you like soft colors (for example; pale pinks/nudes, greens, blues, yellows), they’re great for giving your room a nice enlarging feeling.

Another great idea to help make things more interesting is to add some detail to the paint job. Accents in deeper tones or with interesting textures, (such as sponging) or even some nice decorative wallpaper on one wall will give your room so much character. Molding and professional hand painting will make your home look very unique, as well as adding more value to it. Add splashes of color throughout by using things such as throw pillows and artwork.

               Flooring is everything in a home. One of the very first things people notice when they walk in a home are the floors, so picking the right ones are crucial, especially if you plan on selling anytime soon so be sure to keep up with current trends. If your current flooring is old and worn or even dirty, be sure to update them and keep them clean. There are also many different styles that you can have the flooring installed, such as the herringbone and parquet pattern.

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