Spring Homebuying

The age old debate “Is spring a better time to buy or sell”  The short answer is “both”  The winter season, some may even go as far as to say 4th quarter, is generally a slow time for real estate.  You have the holidays starting from Thanksgiving then Christmas and New Year’s.  It is a very busy time all around for both buyers and sellers.  Sellers don’t always have the time to list their home, keep it clean and presentable, make time for open houses and last minute showings.  One the flip side buyers don’t have the time to get out and look.  Combine that with the potential weather across various parts of the country it makes for a bad combo.

However soon enough it all ends and we jump right into spring.  Gardens and landscaping start to bloom, the grass is green, and the holidays are over for a short time.  Buyers and sellers alike have some breathing room and are ready to make a move.  Combine that with a new and fresh fiscal year ahead of everyone, it creates the perfect opportunity for the real estate market.

In addition to the above, another social stigma, although historically proven to be true, buyers feel that if they wait until sprint time there will be a greater selection of homes to choose from.  This often results in them postponing their search until spring or at minimum only passively searching.  This all leads back to the original question is spring time better for buyers or sellers, it’s better for both.

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