Lights.  Camera.  Action!  The stage is set and ready for you to take your place on the market.  Home staging is essential to selling success. Don’t overlook this important detail when you decide to sell your home. While hiring a home stager might be in your best interest, you can also learn to make your home a show stopper on your own with these quick tips:

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of a clean house.  Many sellers think that cleaning their home professionally is only important when they move out.  However, a tidy home can make the right impression on any buyers who may come through your door.  Just like a messy home can leave the wrong impression.  Go the extra mile and hire professional cleaners for your carpets and your home prior to listing.
  2. Break out your paint brush.  There is nothing wrong with loving color, but it is best to avoid multiple colors all over your home when you about to sell.  Do your best to allow the buyer to picture themselves in your home.  Selecting a neutral paint color is best.  For an extra punch of color, choose accent walls to break up the monotony of one color.
  3. Accent, accent, accent.  Most realtors will suggest that you take down any items in your home that are personal. Removing too many items may make the house look bland.  Invest in trendy or modern accents such as throw pillows, canvas art, or plants to add character or charm without overwhelming the feel of the home.
  4. Repairs should not be an afterthought.  Don’t wait until the home inspection comes back to fix repairs.  Any surprises could cost you extra money and in some cases, a sale.  Carefully inspect the home and address any issues before listing the home to minimize any concerns a potential buyer may have.
  5. Out with the old.  Do your best to eliminate old furniture or fixtures.  Look into refurbishing your old furniture if you don’t have the budget to buy it new.  Some furniture stores having home staging services where you can have them deliver furniture to your home until your home is sold.

There is no reason that your home should not be dressed to impress any buyer that walks through the door.  There are staging options available for all budgets.  With a little work, you will be set to steal the show!

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